what is this project about?
    There are tons of linux livecd distributions already in existence, so why another one? The answer is simple and the reasoning simpler, yet they are both one and the same. the tao is being created because it has crossed my path to do so. Having tried and used numerous livecd distributions for many years, I came to realize a direct flaw in their usage. While always packed full with millions of programs, I noticed how much a waste of space it was to have four programs installed that could do the exact same things under different names. I noticed how they chose popular programs rather than deciding what to use based upon what worked the best.

    Instead of speed of use and simplicity, you would always be thrown around flashy blinking interfaces. I felt too many livecd distributions concentrated more on "bigger better more now" rather than the thing I hold so dear personally; simplicity and balance. Thus I started the tao to bridge the gap between minimalistic and bloated, bare bones and overbearing. Whether this gains popularity or not means little to me, for although I offer the tao to the public (open source, GPL licensed), it is coded towards my own heart and lifestyle.

    And that is the basis for my project. Instead of four programs to choose from, one that does it perfectly. Instead of a clunky interface, one that flows. Instead of "get it larger bigger faster and -now-", time is taken to optimize, clean, and improve the installed packages in such a way that only patience and time can accomplish.

    Something else I hope to accomplish is to see this distribution being used as a means to welcome non-linux users into a *nix enviroment. This is why I will be placing such a large emphasis on compatability, support, automagic configuration, and the likes: because I want to make sure that people who are not familiar with linux can see someone using this distro and become interested, and then satisfied with the use of a new Operating System.

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